Massage Services in San Marcos

Massage San MarcosWe provide Massage Services  in San Marcos.

Are looking for a licensed massage therapist in San Marcos? Located on Grand Street right next to Carmela’s Italian Restaurant, we are offering acupuncture, stress busters and massage services.

Massage therapy is a type of manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, either through rhythmically kneading the muscles, or applying pressure to various areas of the body. This brings blood and oxygen to the massaged areas and warms them to release tightness, pain and stress. In a meta-analysis of the biochemical effects of massage therapy by the National Institute of Mental Health, the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami and the Duke University, the researchers found that throughout the studies they reviewed, there were certain generalized effects of massage therapy on stress, autoimmune conditions, depression, pain syndromes and chronic fatigue. The primary effects were on the neurotransmitter increases in serotonin and dopamine and the decrease in cortisol levels. The average increase in serotonin and dopamine 28% and 31%. In each study, there was a significant decrease in levels of stress as indicated by the decreases in cortisol. Researchers also found in several studies that a release in endorphins into the blood stream decreases pain, increases range of motion and provides a sense of well-being. The deep relaxation experienced after massage is due to the effects of the chemicals released during the session.

Massage also supports detoxification. Massage not only relaxes muscles and relieves stress, it also pumps the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is the waste disposal system in the body. The lymph system contains a number of vessels that have one-way valves, which help release waste products from many tissues. The lymph fluid carries cell waste away from the cells and deposits into the lymph nodes. The nodes 600 in all are found in all parts of the body and destroy viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. When the lymph system is working efficiently the lymph fluid gets released into the blood system and the blood system transports the waste to the kidneys, lungs, colon, liver, and skin for elimination. The only effective way to move and support the lymph is through movement: massage, deep breathing and exercise.

Each massage is customized for individual needs. One or more combinations of tui na (Chinese style massage), trigger point, acupressure, circulatory, deep tissue and myofacial release are used together for a healing and powerful bodywork session.

  • 60 min ~ $85
  • 90 min ~ $130



22997806_sCupping therapy uses suction to create local congestion. A partial vacuum is created in a glass jar which is then applied to the skin. This is great for arthritis pain, abdominal pain, indigestion, common cold, cough, painful menstruation, neck, shoulder and low back pain.

  • 30 min ~ $45
  • Add on to treatment ~ $20

Client Review

Title: Massage in San Marcos, CA
Reviewed by Janja W. on Jul 19
Rating: 5.0
Summary: Best acupuncture and massage treatment
Description: I have been having neck and back issues since I’m working on the computer all day and had been looking for a great deep tissue massage therapist in Vista but it turns out that San Marcos is just as well.

Get your Qi on was recommended to me by a friend so I thought I’d give it a try.

I got an appointment pretty quick which was great, since I was really hurting.

I just got my first deep tissue massage with Jessica yesterday. After a short consultation about my neck and shoulder condition, she got right to work. I don’t know how such a small lady can get such strong hands.

She really got in there and worked out a lot of the knots and tender areas. I’m sore today which shows me how much she was able to work it out and get those acids in the muscle moving.

My neck and back is feeling so much better today. I had been having so many tight spots in my neck that it was hard to find a comfortable position sleeping…

I might try the Acupuncture next since it combines Acupuncture and deep tissue massage in one. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Jessica was very courteous and I felt right at home with her. She was very helpful with stretching tips and other supplement suggestions to help prevent my neck to get that strained in the first place.

I recommend Jessica to everybody. She is a gem and I’m looking forward to my appointment next week.