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Get Your Qi On -Accupuncture
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by Alice Kemper on Get Your Qi On -Accupuncture
Acupuncture & Massage

After 1 month of suffering from sciatica and having to take Motrin, Vicodin and a muscle relaxer, I went to Jessica. After one treatment I began to improve. On day 5, after my first treatment, I was pain free and drug free. I would trust no one else for acupuncture and therapeutic massage! Many thanks Jessica😍

by Irene Alvarez on Get Your Qi On -Accupuncture
No more migraines

I've been suffering with migraines since I was 9 and also with IBS most recently. I've changed some of my eating habits but was still having problems. I was seen by a Gastroenterologist and Neurologist who put me on a variety of different medications with little to no help. I finally gave in and decided to try acupuncture. For whatever reason I chose Jessica. It was one of the best decisions ever. After my treatments started I have had my IBS and migraines under control and am at the point where I'm getting weaned off of the 4-5 different medications I've been put on for the IBS and migraines. Jessica worked very closely with me and offered different acupuncture treatments, cupping treatments and massage. The first few treatments were rough and I was sore for a few days. After seeing Jessica I began to feel better and notice I was doing much better. I was always hesitant to try acupuncture but I am glad I gave in and saw her. She has so much knowledge of ways to better our lives and control our problems. She shares her tips and ideas and any information she is given and gladly tells me to share with everyone I know. I have shared her helpful information and others have also noticed an improvement. If you are hesitant about acupuncture please see Jessica, she will have you feeling better in no time and it will be a decision you will not regret. I truly recommend Jessica for acupuncture care and treatment of other ailments. She is definitely great at her job and I recommend everyone to her. If I could take her with me when I go back home to visit family I so would just to be able to share her knowledge and amazing care.

I will not be free from symptoms for life, but I am glad I now have someone i can go to who can help me get better using natural treatments and no medications.

by Josie Winter, San Marcos, CA on Get Your Qi On -Accupuncture

I started to go to Jessica Cole about three months ago with very severe sciatica pain in my lower back that radiated down my legs to my ankles. I also had neck pain from an accident I had years ago. I had been suffering for over 3 years with these issues and went to Jessica in hopes of some minor relief which is all I ever got in the past. Jessica was different. Jessica used a combination of acupuncture and deep tissue massage on me and believe me, she knows what she's doing. This is not the fluffy spa massage you get at a resort or walk in massage place ... Jessica does a true deep tissue procedure and she works those muscles to the point where she actually seems to pull the pain out of the body. I have never experienced anything quite like this. After my first treatment, I felt like a wet noodle but then after about 5 minutes, I realized that I felt better than I had felt in a long time. As my treatments progressed, I begin to look forward to going because of how good I felt afterwards. In the beginning for the first three weeks I went twice a week, as I began to feel better I noticed that the pain would stay away longer and longer. I then switched to once a week of treatment and now I can actually go for six days without any pain; then I go back to Jessica on the seventh day and she put me back together again.

After three months of treatment, I feel that I am close to being back to normal. I also know that when I am back to normal, if the slightest thing happens where I feel the pain coming back, I will be right back on Jessica's massage table. It is truly wonderful to finally be in control of my back pain issues.

Jessica also offers deep tissue massage without the acupuncture which I tried and it is a really nice treat for the rest of my body...what a great stress reliever that is! Jessica also knows a lot about healthy eating and living a more natural life and she gladly answers all my questions while she's working on me... Jessica makes me feel like I've known her forever and makes me feel like she's truly looking after my well-being which is extremely rare in today's managed care marketplace. As an added bonus, I have been overweight for years which I know has added to my back problems, I tried all kinds of diets but could not stick to them, but after only six weeks with Jessica I finally felt good enough and decided I should do something about my weight and have finally lost 10 lbs which is just a start that I don't believe I could have accomplished without the positive mental input and healing hands of Jessica.

If you're having any kind of muscular pain that traditional medicine or physical therapy has not helped or you hate pain medication, you owe it to yourself to go see Jessica and to allow her to work her magic on you. Give her at least three sessions and I am sure you will see a remarkable difference...she took away my debilitating pain and has truly helped to changed my outlook on my health and my life...

Thank you, Jessica

by Megan on Get Your Qi On -Accupuncture

I've been suffering for chronic headaches/migraines for about 15 years. I've been to several neurologists and traditional doctors, only to be prescribed a host of medications that make me feel crummy and don't really work. By the time I had gone to see Jessica, I had had a continuous headache for two weeks, and just about reached my breaking point. During the first session, Jessica noticed my neck was out of alignment and referred me to a chiropractor. She performed acupuncture and deep-tissue massage, noting that the muscles in my neck were extremely tight. I've been seeing Jessica for about a month now, and I cannot express how much better I feel. From waking up with a headache waiting behind my eyes every morning, to now only having one or two (short) headaches a week has truly been an answer to prayer. If you're thinking about trying this, do it! You have nothing to lose, and I promise you you won't regret it!

by Jocelyn on Get Your Qi On -Accupuncture

>I had a work injury that left me with carpal tunnel and severe muscle strain in my hands, arms and all the way up to my neck. I spent over two months in physical therapy without much progress and was beginning to feel discouraged. A friend recommended me to Jessica for acupuncture and massage and I'm so glad they did! Jessica was attentive and listened carefully as I explained to her what my symptoms were. My first treatment brought me so much relief, my pain subsided significantly and for the first time I felt healing in my arms. Repeated treatments have helped me not only address the root of my injury but also changed my perception of how I injured myself in the first place. Jessica's shown me some great stretches to do outside of treatment, too! I can't recommend her services enough. Thank you Jessica!

by Coby on Get Your Qi On -Accupuncture

I want to thank you so much for helping me with my seized up back. Being in the asphalt trade can be tough on the body, but on the occasion that it happens, I know I can rely on on your skills to ease and relax my muscles and leave your table pain free. Plus you are always so kind and easy to talk with. I appreciate your work.



by Todd on Get Your Qi On -Accupuncture

After going to physical therapy for low back pain and sciatica, I was still unable to go to work or stand up straight. I went to Jessica for a treatment. She gave me acupuncture and massage. I was able to stand up straight after the treatment. I had a follow up treatment two days later and was able to return to work the next day. Thank you Jessica ~ Todd, Vista

by Monica H. on Get Your Qi On -Accupuncture

To whom it may concern:

I can remember that day I showed up for a "full" treatment with Jessica Cole. I felt frazzled, disoriented, and broken. My situation was kind of extreme and I was concerned if this treatment would do anything at all. I was greeted by a very sweet, nurturing and kind little lady who immediately made me feel at ease. Her demeanor is extremely calming and there's healing aura about her

Let me back up a little, I was recovering from an addiction issue that had wracked my mind and body for time in my life where I had strayed from the girl I used to be. Jessica has known me for a long time and as the treatment progressed, I won't lie, it sometimes was a little uncomfortable and a few needed tears may have escaped my eyes. But this was proven to be such a great thing that after the two hours or so, I was SO much better than the condition I had arrived in earlier. She worked very hard to cater to the special needs my situation demanded and met all my expectations, which was to start feeling better and begin a new regime of health and well being. Jessica left me with a cocktail of nutrients and supplements which has helped me heal up and most importantly, to start a new outlook in my life, a positive outlook of light and love.

I know anyone who tries her out will be pleasantly satisfied.